5 must-have necklace jewellery in the bridal beauty’s bag

Weddings are one of the most ancient traditions in the world, celebrated by people all over the map and through time. A wedding is not just about a big party or about tying the knot – It is a celebration of love, traditions, elegance, abundance and most of all, the auspicious beginning of a new journey. Without any second thoughts, one of the prime attractions at a wedding is the charming bride. All eyes will be on her on the big day and her wedding looks matter too!

Jewellery represents a vital part of the bridal look; it completes the overall look of the bride and accentuates her on her special day. If you are a bride-to-be or preparing to tie the knot with the love of your life, here’s a list of 5 magnificent must-have necklaces that will make you look stunning and ethereal on your big day.

Divine Antique Lakshmi Necklace – Nakshi Jewellery

The Nakshi jewellery has been a part of our history since the time of kings and queens. This unique Nakshi Necklace from Art of Gold features an engraved Lakshmi deity in the centre; which is considered as an epitome of reverence to all auspicious moments. The dancing peacock motif that is studded in bright red kemp stones adds an artistic touch and completes the look of this endearing piece of jewellery. The intricate work and minutest detailing truly bring grace and elegance to the wearer. This signature piece can not only dazzle on your neck but also can accentuate your overall beauty. Even for your ethnic wear, nothing could look classy like a piece of temple jewellery.

Cosmic & Carved Nagas Necklace

Nagas is a long-lost heritage and tradition that celebrates temple artistry. This stylish necklace from Art of Gold is crafted to become your personal favourite on your wedding day and forever after. The necklace is styled with beautiful motifs that are an amalgamation of peacocks & mango. With an elegant yellow finish studded with white pearls, this jewel offers excellent visibility on the neckline. The unique blend of divine simplicity and dazzling radiance of this necklace complements a range of your ensemble.

Floral Symphony Kasumala

A Kasumala is an essential necklace in every south Indian woman’s jewellery collection. Seamlessly combining a timeless appeal and a feature-rich construction, this exquisite piece is skillfully constructed using gold coins which are embossed with floral designs. Crafted meticulously from 916 BIS Hallmarked gold, this jewellery piece features brilliantly cut glimmering pink stones which are so carefully strung together. Make heads turn wherever you go with the ultimate sophistication of this floral Kasumala from Art of Gold.

Celestial Artistry Golden Necklace

It’s incredible what a talented artisan can create with simple gold strands. Our bespoke hand-woven gold mesh necklace is worthy of an heirloom. Hand-woven like a scarf from ultra-fine gold chains, this mesh necklace is the ideal wedding jewellery. The uniquely designed Kemp & Kundan pendant with tantalizing stones and pearls in the middle creates a great focal point and emphasizes the royal look. You can pair this iconic piece with any ensemble and get noticed for your refined selection.

Carnation Designer Bridal Necklace

Chic, contemporary, and classy this lustrous necklace is perfect to wear with all kinds of bridal sarees or designer lehengas. The glimmering pink stones and white pearls throughout this authentic piece emphasizes the piece’s grandeur. Add a regal touch to your wedding with this splendidly fashioned designer bridal selection.

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How Classy, Stylish Women Choose Their Jewellery

Choosing your jewellery can be a difficult task. Trends flip so fast that we end up stumbling on different and equally beautiful designs that make our decision even harder. Here below, we’ve listed down a few tips that might help you choose your daily wear jewellery.



The basic step is to figure out your style based on your wardrobe, what type of jewellery would go with it, would it suit your personality and what does it represent?

Each person has a unique taste and the style statement varies from person to person.

Here are some sample style statements, figure out the one that resembles you.



Are you the kind of person who’ll have a sentimental tie to the jewellery you wear? In this case, your sentiment for it never will let you swap your piece of jewellery with something else. So the best tip that we would give you is to layer the jewellery that you are attached to with other pieces that match your wardrobe style and occasion.



The preppy look is all about being well groomed and adorably chic. If this is you, monograms and heart necklaces go well with preppy outfits.



Are you the “everyday dress up” kind of a person? If you’re someone who would usually prefer heavy bling but tone it down as per the day’s need, then a simple bracelet or cuff would help you out softening your bling look and add elegance to it.


If you’re someone who would prefer simple clothing but let your statement jewellery piece do the work, basically the “not over- not too less” clause eventually letting the jewellery make your outfit look wow, then here’s a basic tip – Your statement piece can be anything right from a captivating earring to a bold necklace, you can even match a bracelet to the necklace but always remember to keep it subtle and never to overdo it.


Comfort is something that enhances confidence. Agree?! For daily wear purpose, heavy jewellery or those with sharp edges wouldn’t feel as much comfortable as those light ones with simple designs. Also, avoid wearing something that’s not you.


Before buying a piece of jewellery, fixing on a budget is essential to avoid heartbreaks. Each piece of jewellery adorns a unique look for itself. While fixing a budget is important, the collections, quality and the style factor matters too.


There is no maximum amount of jewellery that one can wear. The more, the better unless and until it doesn’t give that dungeon look. But to keep pace with the change in trends, it is good to be updated and to have a sense of trending style.


Reading magazines and the recent articles online about fashion and lifestyle also works in getting on toes with the current trends. Magazines such as Vogue and InStyle are two of the most influential magazines to read for fashion updates.

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GST on Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery would be billed under 2 slabs. The Gold content would be taxable at 3%, while the labour costs would be taxed at 5%. Precious, Semi-Precious & Synthetic stones would be taxed at 3%.

Here’s a Sample illustration on how GST would be calculated on Gold Jewellery.

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